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Truth is a project put together by Sven Cirnski, lead guitarist of melodic rock band Bad Habit.

Truth is a heavier-styled album that highlights Svenīs "riffier" side combining cool rhythms with wailing leads.

The project came to fruition when Sven was contacted by Joe Romagnola of Grooveyard Records, thanks to Swedish guitar player/journalist Janne Stark, who mentioned Svenīs playing and music to Joe.
Sven was offered a record deal in November 2006.
The result is the album “Machine”

It features 15 songs and killer performances by singer David Fremberg, lead singer with prog-rockers Andromeda. Jaime Salazar on drums, session player extraordinaire and formerly with Flower Kings.
Jens Lundahl on bass. An awesome session player with numerous records under his belt.

The album was recorded and produced by Sven Cirnski and bassist Jonas Reingold of Flower Kings fame. Jonas also played bass on two tracks.

Truth is music that you will probably never hear on the radio. It doesnīt follow any particular trend or style. Itīs just plain good heavy rock performed with passion and skill from extremely talented musicians.

In the December issue of Sweden Rock Magazine, Janne Stark has Truth at number 1 on his Top Ten list of 2007 releases - Nice!




Check out some samples from the Machine album:

1. Over And Over
2. Generation Stupid
3. Stand In Line
4. Big Al
5. Machine
6. Freedom
7. Tormented (whole song)

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